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Are you a womxn seeking a supportive community where you can thrive in your professional journey? I understand some of the challenges of navigating male-dominated industries and the need for more role models and sponsors. The groups are here to provide you with a warm and inclusive space to connect, learn, and grow. Together, we empower each other, exchange valuable insights, and inspire success. Whether you're a product manager, a line manager, a leader, or an aspiring speaker, we have a place for you, so read on and apply today.

  • Free

    A safe space to exchange, simple. Given that spaces are limited, we expect a level of commitment from participants to attend.

  • Relevant

    Meet like-minded people and talk about real-life topics that affect you or that you care about. Make real connections that lift you up.

  • Inclusive

    Women and non-binary individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and fields within the industry are welcome, ensuring that every member feels valued and has a place to connect and thrive, regardless of their unique perspectives and circumstances.


This community is exclusively tailored for womxn in product management roles. As a product manager, you’ll find a supportive network of peers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face in the field. Whether you’re looking to share best practices, seek advice on specific projects, or discuss industry trends, this group is the ideal place to connect with like-minded professionals.

Audience: product managers with at least 2 years of experience

This is a dedicated space for womxn holding line manager positions in the product management domain. If you’re responsible for leading a team of product managers, this community offers a platform to exchange insights, strategies, and solutions for effective team leadership, as well as the chance to collaborate with your peers in similar roles.

Audience: product managers with at least 4 years of experience and in a line management role

Womxn who are in leadership roles within the product management domain will find a place to connect, collaborate, and elevate their leadership skills in this group. Whether you’re a Director, VP, or C-level executive, this community is designed to facilitate discussions on high-level strategic decision-making, industry insights, and leadership development.

Audience: product managers with at least 6 years of experience and in a leadership role

If you’re a womxn with expertise in product management and are a speaker or thought leader, this community is your platform to refine your public speaking skills, find speaking opportunities, and network with potential collaborators. Whether you’re an experienced speaker or just getting started, this group is for you.

Audience: speakers in the product management field

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Yes, they are. They are not coaching sessions but rather an exchange group.

The intention behind creating a womxn-only group is not to exclude men, but to address specific challenges that womxn often face in male-dominated industries and provide a supportive space for them. Inclusivity is about recognising that different groups may have unique needs and experiences. It’s not about exclusion, but rather creating a space where I, as the organiser, believe that individuals who share similar experiences can come together, learn, grow, and build a stronger community. I believe that by supporting womxn in this way, I can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse professional landscape overall. I also encourage the development of similar groups that cater to men or other underrepresented groups to foster inclusivity across the board.

Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome, as well as non-binary individuals. The group is inclusive of all abilities, religions, ethnicities… I’m afraid the group isn’t open to men, even if you are an ally.

No, all meetups are virtual to be more accessible.

There’s a limit of 5 individuals per group initially. Based on demand, I may adjust the format.

Members are selected based on their experience fit, their goals and motivation to join the group. You should be able to commit to attend at least 80% of the meetups.

Job titles may vary, so if you work in the product environment and want to join, you can still apply and I will review your experience to see if you’re a good fit

The groups, even the first one, are targeted are people who already work in product management with at least 2 years of experience, so I’m afraid you cannot join. If you need coaching, checking our my job search and on-the-job packages.

We hold monthly virtual meetups. If members want to engage outside of those times, they may meet individually or use the group chat.

To become a member, you’re expected to be able to attend at least 80% of the meetups for at least 6 months. After 6 months, we may open applications for new members.

Yes. Participants may speak another language too, but to facilitate the discussions, everyone is expected to have a good command of English and solely use English.