Hi, I'm Magali (she/her)

I live in London, UK. I love making users happy, creating inclusive environments and listening to & participating in podcasts.

I’m a senior customer-focused Product Executive specialising in data-related technology solutions, with a particular expertise in finding product-market fit and growing adoption in the B2B sector. With a background in aeronautical engineering and economics, I started my career in analytics before moving to technology.​

I fell in love with product management after my experience on the customer side, as I was keen to influence the product roadmap. I enjoy thinking holistically about the entire customer experience and creating work environments based on trust and openness.​

I created and host the podcast “Product Perspectives” where I invite stakeholders to talk about how to better collaborate with product managers. I swam the Channel as a relay to raise money for a charity in London, my beloved city where I’ve been living for more than 6 years.​

Professional record

I’ve inherited products and improved them or deprecated them as well as launched new products from scratch. I’ve been PM in a large organisation as well as being the first PM in a company. I’ve managed a variety of products focused around data: data products and data-as-a-product.​

  • Product Management: Generalist, 0 to 1, Data products, Data as a product, Product-Led Growth
  • Technologies: SaaS, Data-as-a-Service, Desktop application, API, No-code, Front-end, Back-end
  • Industries: Information Technology, Financial Services, Air Transport, Consulting, Non-profit, B2B, B2C
  • Phases: Start-up, Scale-up, Entreprise, Transformation, Early Access, Iteration, Deprecation
  • Functions: Strategy, Finance, Marketing, R&D, Human Resources, Analytics, Commercial, Management​


Magali has always exhibited great passion for working with customers, representing their needs and views. She has brought a keen analytic mind and reasoning to steer the product in the right direction.

Edvard Dvorak

Engineering Manager at Anaplan

Magali was instrumental in creating and building a product team and leading that team across multiple time zones.
She brought the team together to stand up our first commercialised DaaS products.
 Magali's organisational skills are incredible and go hand in hand with her attention to detail and focus on the plan at hand.

Alan Shields

Founder and Chief Data Officer at RFI Global

A product expert focused on execution, Magali identifies improvement opportunities in product management processes, including development, quality, enablement, support, and messaging. 

Connie Jaremczuk

Director, Product Management at Anaplan

Magali you are the most effective, resolute, and thorough professional I've ever met. You took Anaplan Extensions, an obscure feature of the platform, and created what I consider to be a must-have set of applications for any Anaplan implementation. Your leadership inspired the rest of the development team to bring this to market making these extensions a strategic advantage, as no other cloud vendor has a world-class addon worth mentioning. But that's only the beginning. You also cultivated a community of like minded people and encouraged people to share their challenges, ideas for the future, and questions. Lastly, and most impressively, is your willingness to coach and mentor others, including me, on how to be a more effective and successful planner. You're brilliant!

Jared Dolich

Partner at Retailitix

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Magali has been the most supportive and empathetic manager. She would not just be concerned about completing all the sprint goals, she would also be concerned about running a sprint retrospective with equal zeal to be sure that we're all learning from each sprint.
She is a true leader, who would help you in the background and still give you all the credit when front facing. She managed our team skillfully and diligently, by not just managing product expectations and roadmap but also making sure that each of her team member is feeling secure and happy at work.
She made the workplace a happy place!

Preeti Sharma

BI Specialist at RFI Global

Her excellent organisation and leadership were critical in building out both the product and the development team involved. She had a clear product mindset and used that effectively to implement an agile working structure for our team to work towards a roadmap she had defined.

On a personal level, she was incredibility supportive and empathetic as a manager, ensuring everyone in the team was treated as individuals and had adequate support to deliver in their roles and achieve their own ambitions.

Josh Semple

Presales Consultant at RFI Global

I found Magali to be engaging and super-smart. She is thorough, tenacious and always was able to add her own perspective to every task. She quickly organised everyone in the team before they were even aware of it. Her structured and clear approach was welcome and appreciated.

Melanie Andrews

Corporate Dealing Strategy Lead at British Airways


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