Product Perspectives

Each episode, I show you the other side of the product: I interview the people who contribute to making products a success. They are engineers, writers, marketers, support analysts, UX designers or even sales people. Not only will I give them the credit they deserve but we’ll uncover what makes a good product and product manager from their perspective. Stakeholder management is a key skill for product managers, so just as you’re obsessed with listening to your customers, let’s hear from your stakeholders.

Great perspectives from different angles of the product world

Magali brings in a great variety of perspectives from different sides of the product world. Since collaboration between product management, engineering, design, etc. is so important to launching successful products, I believe this is really valuable for anyone working in product.

Product Management with a twist!

Love the fact it's not just PMs talking about PM. Great opportunity for "stakeholders" to showcase their contribution behind the scenes