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I’m actively coordinating speaking engagements for both virtual corporate events and traditional in-person conferences and company gatherings. Most topics can be tailored to your audience and needs, as well as adapted to different lengths and formats including workshop.

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Trends in Product so far, and predictions for the future

Product organisations have faced challenges and undergone a huge amount of change over the past few years, and this isn’t slowing down in 2023 and beyond. The session covered the trends we’ve seen accelerating recently in Product management, from the lenses of people, processes, data and technology. Then I shared my predictions about what is going to shape Product Management in the future, and have the most impact in the way Product organisations work. The talk helped both leaders and individual contributors in the audience get ready for the future of Product, with take-aways for them to think about and implement in their organisation, as well as insights into what other people in the audience think since the session included interactive polling.


Audience: Product managers and leaders

It's not just about launches: why and how to deprecate products

The session will be practical, interactive, and engaging, with exercises and reflection. The facilitator will adopt a participatory approach to engage the audience in discussions and group activities. The workshop aims to equip product managers with the skills and knowledge needed to deprecate features and products effectively. Participants will learn why deprecating features is important, understand the customer impact, collaborate with other teams, plan and execute deprecation, and identify key takeaways. The workshop will be informative, insightful, and engaging, providing participants with real-world examples and best practices to address customer concerns and ensure a smooth transition.


Audience: All Product Managers in a technology organisation

Product centricity: the truth behind the buzz

Unlock the full potential of your business with a product-centric strategy, powered by your most important assets: your people. With the product at the center of acquisition, monetisation, and retention efforts, you'll be able to drive growth and maximize revenue. Discover the key characteristics of a product-centric company, reflect on your current organisation, and find out how to make the transition today in this engaging participative presentation.


Audience: All Product Managers and Leaders, and other Leaders in a technology organisation

Roadmaps that resonate: Tailoring your roadmap for different stakeholders

As a product manager, it’s important to ensure that your roadmap resonates with all stakeholders, from executives to customers. To do this, you need to tailor your messaging and approach to each group’s unique needs and concerns. This session will cover the importance of stakeholder segmentation and how to identify the specific needs and concerns of different groups. We’ll also explore strategies for creating customized roadmaps and communication plans that effectively convey your product vision to each stakeholder. By the end of this session, you’ll have the tools you need to create roadmaps that resonate with everyone involved in your product’s success.


Audience: All product managers

Previous talks

  • Trends in Product so far, and predictions for the future (Agile and Beyond, June 2023, Detroit)

  • It’s not just about launches: why and how to deprecate products and features (workshop, Productized, October 2023, Lisbon)

  • Ask Me Anything: Make data-driven decisions as a PM (Product Folks, April 2023)

  • Roadmaps that resonate: Tailoring your roadmap for different stakeholders (Productboard, October 2023)

  • Product centricity: ten truths behind the buzz (ProductTank, January 2023)

  • Product approach (Fabernovel for BNP Baripas and RATP, Q4 2021)

  • Unlocking the power of data (Product-Led Summit, May 2023, Las Vegas)
  • Centres of excellence (Anaplan Live, May 2020, London)
  • Ask Me Anything sessions with The Product Folks (April and December 2023, Slack)

I’ve talked in places around the world.

Here are some videos and photos of selected talks.

Initially presented at Agile and Beyond in Detroit in June 2023, I then recorded the presentation about the trends we’ve seen emerging in product and my predictions for the coming years.

I sat with one of Anaplan’s super users (called “Master Anaplanner”) to discuss the challenges in implementing the software and increasing adoption, and how establishing a centre of excellence can help overcome those and establish best practices.

A talk presented at the virtual Product Tank London in January 2023. I debunk the myths behind “product centric organisations” and invite attendees to participate and evaluate their own practices.

A personal but relatable talk about what it’s like to be a foreigner, based on my experience living in London for 8 years and travelling around the world, and how to create a more inclusive environment and create connections with other human beings.

This was the workshop about product deprecation delivered at productized in Lisbon in October 2023. I run it as a fun team competition followed by individual work and group discussions.

I moderated and participated into a panel discussion about using data in product, at Product-Led Summit Las Vegas in May 2023, including using slido to engage the audience.

Future talks

Product agility podcast

An episode about product deprecation and trends in product

Product perspectives podcast

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